Some of my publicly shared ebook, tool, articles and presentations:

2023.11.29Introducing the Open Source Application Portfolio Auditor
2023.11.09VMware Explore - Foster Machine Intelligence for your App Modernization
2023.08.15Open sourced tool: Application Portfolio Auditor
2023.06.06Escape the Legacy Trap - 5 Keys to Successful Application Modernization
2023.05.10A Proven Strategy for Application Modernization
2023.04.20VMware & Computacenter - Fire up your digital transformation
2023.01.17CIONET - Cloud Smart Apps: Cutting through modernization complexity
2022.11.10VMware Explore - Rapid Insights to App Portfolio Modernization
2022.10.05My first ebook: The Legacy Trap with webinar
2022.10.05Why Observability Is Essential for Running Modern Apps [ EN ]
2022.09.29Five Things Developers Want
2022.06.02The 7Rs of Modernisation – a roadmap to app transformation
2022.05.18Swift Method Overview
2022.04.25New year resolutions and application portfolio
2021.12.23Coping with customer demand during the festive period
2021.10.21Transforming Government Software Dev and Digital Services [ EN ] [ EN ]
2021.05.31How to Marie Kondo your application portfolio ( Short ) [ FR ]
2021.05.27How to thrive in a cloud-native culture – outside the cloud
2021.03.12Five Steps to Financial Services App Modernisation [ DE ] [ EN ]
2021.03.01Bootifying Java Applications
2021.02.08Legacy Infrastructure - the Saqqara Necropolis of IT? [ FR ] [ DE ] [ NL ]
2020.11.09Decision Fatigue - Einfaches Mittel gegen Spaghetti-Code
2020.10.09Tanzu Talk - The right mindset for starting application modernization
2020.03.30Building Sustainable, Modern App Architectures with VMware Tanzu
2019.11.01VMworld - App Transformation Approach: Process, Assessment, Practices
2018.05.08Red Hat Summit - Automated Application Containerization
2017.05.03Red Hat Summit - Application Modernization & Migration to Red Hat JBoss Middleware and OpenShift
2016.06.29Red Hat Summit - Orchestrate JBoss Middleware with Ansible Tower
2015.06.26Red Hat Summit - Migrating to Red Hat JBoss Middleware